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This is where we get down to the nuts and bolts and come up with a game plan for your family’s wellness.

Group Parent Coaching

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This includes everything the Individual Parent Coaching services does, but is done in a small group format virtually.

Parenting Check-Ins

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This is done after a parent has taken the individual parent coaching program and wants to check in periodically afterwards for years to come.

Prerecorded Training

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This services eliminates one-on-one interaction. Participants can watch prerecorded training and educational presentations. This is an excellent option for both parents and professionals.

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Robin Bartko, MS, CHES

I assist families with children with challenges reduce stress, help their child reach their potential and live more peaceful lives.

My road to wellness started after adopting my son from overseas at age 21 months. Although he looked very typical with his beautiful blue eyes and wide smile, he came home with numerous medical and emotional issues. Even though I was a parent for the third time, It really felt like “Hey, you’re not in Kansas anymore”. It was in a whole different ballpark than raising my other two older children. My family’s life was changed forever.

Although I am proud of my education, what really helped me make progress with my son was all the experiences I have had in raising him. I now assist parents with children with challenges reduce stress and help their child reach their potential. My goal is that no other family must go through the long, lonely, exhausting journey that I did.

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Managing Stress

From one parent to another

Robin Bartko, a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES®) and mom to a wonderful child with ADHD shares why she wrote the book Managing Stress: A Girlfriend-to-Girlfriend Handbook for Parenting Children with ADHD, Asperger’s, SPD & more.

The Stories of Success

“Robin uses an informal and kind tone to let moms know that they are not alone, and gives real life examples and helpful suggestions to help families navigate emotionally through these new experiences. Robin talks about reaching out and meeting others in person, changing expectations of your child, managing other personal relationships and finding resources for your child.”

Siberia Mom

Siberia Mom

“I wish Robin had been around when I was raising my child with special needs! Robin Bartko has a  light and gentle tone combined with tons of wisdom and resources.  When you’re feeling alone or at your wits end while raising a child with special challenges, call Robin.”

Michelle R.

Michelle R.

“Robin’s book is an awesome and a well appreciated quick read. A must-have book/handbook for a parent with a child with ADHD or special needs. Excellent resource with links, tips, and suggestions throughout the book. I could relate to so many of the excellent stories Robin shared.”

Pamela G.

Pamela G.

“Robin helped me see that I needed to reduce stress and make some changes in my life.  She helped me step by step improve the quality of my life.  My life is so much better now!”

Andrea K.

Andrea K.

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